8 Practical Steps to Get Started with Data Governance


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Data governance is a big buzz word right now. However, it can be quite an abstract concept to grasp – is it a set of rules that should be followed? Is it about how we store data? Does it have to do with assigning responsibility to particular people?

The answer to all these questions is a resounding yes, because data governance touches on all of these aspects of an organization. It can be defined as “the way in which the data in an organization is managed, including the creation of standard data structures, the definition of clear roles for those who interact with this data, and the use of software systems to manage these assets.”

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  • Why storing the data generated in the lab is of key importance and how to store this data.
  • How to make data easily accessible, simple to use, reusable, and securely guarded.
  • How to get on the path to effective data governance..
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