The Landscape of Cloud-based Semantic and Property Graph Databases


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In part 1 of this series, we touched upon the concept of Graph (RDF and Property Graph) data models, their key differences, and typical use cases where leveraging graphs have proven to be advantageous in terms of cost and performance. We continue our journey in this research paper by exploring the graph technology landscape.

With the rise in the popularity and applicability of graphs in the modern analytical context, there has been an explosion of commercial and open-sources providers in the database technology landscape. The extent of graph technology’s impact is evident from the fact that all the big players such as Amazon, IBM, Microsoft, Oracle, Neo4j, etc. have thrown their hats in the ring for global domination of the graph market.

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  • Obtain a comprehensive overview of the current on-premise and cloud-based graph technology landscape (RDF and Property Graph)
  • Obtain a digest of several real-world customers, a list of their use cases (applications), pointers to their case studies, and the graph-based platforms they have adopted for driving their organizational data and IT strategy
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